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Your life and your finances

Sound financial management skills begin in childhood Educating children about money is essential from an early age. Children pick up the spending habits of their parents. Teaching children about the value of money is a vital life skill. Saving habits can start as young as 5. They can learn that earning your pocket money by doing jobs around the house is a process. This helps children understand the value of money, that it is something you earn for working hard. As children grow up, please do not give in to everything they demand. Please encourage them to save and wait for the item they want. They will learn to appreciate it more.

Here are our thoughts of things you should be aware of at each stage of your adult life:-

Aged 18-30

  • This might be the student years! In which case you really need to learn to budget!

  • Try not to get into debt.

  • Once you have your first job - take out a pension.

  • Start saving as soon as you can.

  • If you have accrued any debts then get them paid off and live within your means.

  • Ensure you have an emergency fund of 3 months worth of your salary.

  • Make sure you have some life insurance, especially if you have children.

Aged 30-40

  • If you haven't bought your first home then now is time!

  • Make sure you have critical illness cover and life insurance as it will be much cheaper now than in another 10 years!

  • Start some serious financial planning now and make sure you are consistently saving and not spending everything you earn.

  • Discuss investments with your financial advisor.

  • Question your purchases carefully.

  • Check your pension.

  • Make sure you have a Will.

  • If you have children you might want to save for their University education or to support them when they want to buy a home.

Aged 40-50

  • Make sure you pension is on track.

  • Make sure you have life insurance and critical illness cover.

  • Have annual meetings with your financial advisor.

  • Ensure you keep a budget tracker.

  • Think about your long term financial goals.

  • If a divorce changes your life plans - speak to a financial advisor.

  • Check your Will and organise a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Aged 50-60

  • Check your financial goals and ensure you are on track.

  • A Will and Lasting Power of Attorney is absolutely essential so if you still haven't done this now is the time.

  • Life Insurance taken out now will be expensive. Consider what dependants you have and how your death might financially affect them.

  • Review pensions and investments.

  • Are you on track to clear your mortgage?

We can help with every stage of your life and help you on the right financial track.

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This is so spot on! Financial Education/ Literacy is paramount and it should be part of the 18-30 (if not lifetime) Curriculum for learning.

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